Article by Laura Fobar From the great Province of British Columbia, Canada to the sunny Southland of California, Providence senior, Marie Bosma, finds herself at the end of her college years. In the beginning, Marie knew nothing about the Providence community other than its size. She had never visited the school and came to college in California “for the adventure of it!”Read More →

For Pastor Chuck Ryor, weaving in and out of California traffic on his motorcycle is a normal, daily activity. “Contrary to popular opinion that it’s because I’m in a full-blown mid-life crisis,” says Ryor, it’s “because my kids all drive now and there is never a car around.” Yet, the image of Pastor Ryor on a motorcycle fits with his desire to minister to youth. At age 46, Ryor can say that he is “one of those high school parents who likes noise.”Read More →

“You don’t know who’s watching you,” said Amy Hoeksema, a senior at Providence Christian College in Pasadena, California who recently facebooked her way into a potential career. Social networking presented her with an opportunity to turn a hobby into an occupation. Hoeksema’s story is not merely inspiring; it carries implications for every unemployed social networker.Read More →

Toward the end of my interview with Mrs. Hoekstra, after I asked her if there was anything else I ought to know before writing a profile piece about her, she lifted up her eyebrows, smiled brightly, and said, “You could just write, ‘she is so blessed,’ and that would be all you need to say.”Read More →

Providence sees him as a man dressed in black with a South African accent and they know him as Dr. Gideon Strauss. He is the newest faculty addition to the college this semester, teaching the Philosophy and History of Beauty and the Imagination, which is a class that the college has long envisioned.Read More →

On almost any given day of the week in the admissions office at Providence Christian College, past the front desk, behind the blue dividers, and under a sign that says, “Matt Gabrielse, Admissions Counselor”, Matt can be found working at his desk. Matt, who joined the Providence admissions team in the fall of 2007, was born and raised in Chino, California. Throughout Matt’s childhood and high school years, his father was the owner of a dairy supply and service company and his mother worked at Ontario Christian Middle School as a secretary. Matt attended Christian schools and spent his spare time at sports games, tradingRead More →

Ruby Snieder has changed immensely from the small, Midwestern girl she was just a few years ago. During a recent interview, I learned much about the Women’s Resident Director (RD) from Providence Christian College. “I think college was so incredibly valuable that I wanted to have other people have that same experience,” Ruby said about her decision to become an RD. This desire to help others seems to be the driving force of her future plans. When asked what she wants to pursue after her work at Providence she told me she’d love to go into counseling, and ultimately run her own counseling center. “IRead More →

Charismatic, outgoing, and a quick mind are all attributes of Derek Halvorson, President of Providence Christian College. His background and credentials may be a little unconventional for a typical college president, but for Providence, a better fit would be hard to find.Read More →