by Kavin Carter Dr. John Cunningham is the Director of the First Year Experience and assistant professor of philosophy here at Providence. He has a doctorate in religious studies and historical theology and has done private counseling and counseling as a pastor as well. “So I thought I was going to be a pastor and just be an academic as well but it’s too hard to do both,” joked Cunningham.Read More →

by Kavin Carter  Dr. Whitney Gamble is up to a lot outside the classroom. She is working on a book based on her doctoral dissertation which she wrote regarding scholarly debates of justification and theology. The book will go into detail on the nature of salvation and how it is granted and how it is gained. “It’s one of the most important things you can ever learn about” Gamble said. The book’s date isn’t known yet, but she hopes for it to be out as soon as possible.Read More →

The name Jacob Fisher used to make me think of a crunchy fish taco that tends to consume the spiciest hot sauce from a Mexican grocery store. However, when I made time to get to know this super-senior in the past five years, his wonderful character and intellect exceeded my taco analogy. Thus explains this article’s title—Jacob Fisher is always a listening ear to his friends when they express themselves, and always replies to his friends with a text saying, “Okay. Smoke time?”Read More →

Bryan Jan Punter loves a well written sentence. He loves books, well written books, like Moby Dick and Frankenstein. But before he fell in love with books—and his wife Deb—Bryan loved partying. Punter grew up in Allendale, Michigan, where his parents own a turkey farm. He remembers going out as a young boy and working for a nickel an hour. Punter has two siblings by birth, and three more that his family took in as foreign exchange students. They are not officially adopted or even fostered by the Punters, but Bryan speaks affectionately of them, especially, of Vaan Huynh (senior at Providence).Read More →

It is not new news to any Providence student that our college has a very important visit coming up at the end of October. I know that the WASC (Western Association of Schools & Colleges) visit is important, but how did we get to this visit? What happens after this visit? To find out, I interviewed Dr. Mary Ellen Godfrey, who has been involved in the accreditation process since the beginning.Read More →

Laid-back ambitions — Max Belz on the piano and his friend Tom Paulus on the guitar. As for venues? His own backyard. Literally. Students know Belz as the admissions counselor at Providence Christian College, but in November 2010, he and his friend from Covenant College, Paulus, formed the band Here’s Your Problem–influenced by classic rock, jazz, and Americana, and defined by the self-invented term “Hollywood blues.”Read More →

Thursday evening, I tracked down Luke Walls, the leading funny man at Providence Christian College, and asked him some very important questions about life. These were his answers. I had to censor an insane amount of what he said, but if you would like the unedited version I can post it on the Sea Beggar Blade site. There actually isn’t a site like that, but I think I’ll make one just for this article.Read More →

As our current Student Senate President completes her last year and prepares to move on, it seemed appropriate to hold one last interview to commemorate all of the memories and lessons she has learned while at Providence Christian College. Without further ado, a senior interview of Jana Crum.Read More →