By Kavin Carter As students resumed class last week, whispers spread across the campus at lightning speed that Dr. Mcllhenny had been placed on administrative leave for the Spring Semester of 2017. This came at a very difficult time for students, in the wake of the dismissal of Dr. Reeves, Dr. Milton, and the resignation of Dr. De Soto, leaving some feeling lost and scared for the future. To lose three professors, with another on leave, is nothing short of a historical dark period in the overall history of Providence.Read More →

By Maddie Silva The holidays are a  time of childlike wonder and excitement, accompanied by occasional insecurity, loneliness, but, mostly just copious amounts of holiday stress. This season of giving is also a time when individuals are at their most vulnerable. Many fall prey to holiday scams. The Better Business Bureau warns Christmas shoppers that scams are prevalent during this time of year.Read More →

By Kavin Carter While students enjoyed their holiday break and families sat around the dinner table enjoying Thanksgiving, the Native American tribes that reside in Standing Rock Sioux Reservation fought for their human right to clean water and respect.Read More →

By Gaby Martinez Unfortunately, students who may desire to pursue an education for the sole purpose of deeper learning, often cannot escape the heavy financial burden that comes with it. The hope of swift student debt recovery may appear far more dismal for students who seek mission and purpose outside of technical fields of education.Read More →

  By Tina Snieder The holidays have consistently been an economically prosperous time for retailers all over the country. For example, this past Black Friday weekend brought in over six hundred billion dollars. If one thinks of what their money supports when they purchase Christmas presents, or materials in general, we might spend carelessly and forget to consider whether we actually want to support large corporations as opposed to local businesses.Read More →

By Gaby Martinez Prior to the passing of Prop 64 which legalized the use of recreational marijuana on Tuesday, it seemed fairly easy to hash out blanket statements in regard to which side of the argument the voter stood. Could the conversation really be reduced to a simple question of right or wrong?. Leftover anti-drug rhetoric resembling that of  the Just Say No campaigns back in the 70’s left voters with black and white choices, much like our choices for  executive office seems to have left voters with only two opinions in discussion.Read More →

By Kavin Carter Over the election period, several propositions were placed upon the California ballot that would affect our state as well as our college community. One of the most prominent of these propositions is Prop 64, otherwise known as, the Marijuana Legalization Proposition of 2016.Read More →

By Maddie Silva On Saturday, October 22nd, a group of students addressed the board. The students called into question the leadership of the college, the layoffs of two full-time faculty members, and the school’s commitment to its mission statement.Read More →

By Maddie Silva We hear contradictory reports when we think of millennials political involvement. Do millennials care about politics? Or are they politically motivated and tired of the current political system? Why would that an apathetic generation be so opinionated about issues like foreign policy, criminal justice, and racial equality? A survey from the Harvard University of Politics found that Millennials have little trust in big government, but have more faith in community volunteering and entrepreneurship than most Americans.Read More →

By Gaby Martinez For anyone who is still feeling obligated to choose between the lesser of two evils come November 8th, there are a few other viable options for executive office on this years’ ballot. While aware that we could all have just as easily googled information on these candidates, it could be safe to assume that most of have not.Read More →