Providence Christian College recently had the pleasure of viewing another Drama Association performance this semester. The production was held in the Latourette Library on two consecutive nights, Friday and Saturday, April 8th and 9th.  The performance consisted of four one-act plays: “Man in a Case,” “Spencer,” “Variations on the Death of Trotsky,” and “The Tempest.”Read More →

March 29, 2011 –My finger brushed over one of the many similar pock marks randomly scattered throughout the brick wall in the sitting room. “What are these?” I asked my friend Amanda Lord, who was giving me a tour of the house. “Bullet holes.” “What?!” I exclaimed. “Yeah,” she replied, “They’re from the Civil War. The front section of this house dates back to colonial times, and the back, more modern section was only added on in the past few years.”Read More →

With so many blogs popping up around campus, you may be wondering what a blog is and if it beneficial to start one. Starting a blog can seem intimidating especially when wondering what content should be posted and if it the blog will get read. These are valid concerns and I talked with a few students that have been blogging for a while about their recommendations for new and potential bloggers.Read More →

Required internships or field experiences for undergraduates are often reserved for senior year, when students are focused on finishing their last few classes and building their resume. Not so for the education majors at Providence, who often have their first taste of classroom experience as Freshman. As they progress from lower to upper division classes, this experience grows, and by the time they reach their senior year, they are introduced to full time in-class teaching.Read More →

It’s dinner time on Thursday – one of the busiest days for the William Carey International University cafeteria. Two long lines form on both sides of the room full of hungry students, teachers, parents, and children. Behind the scenes, the cooks rapidly finish the food to meet the demands of customers – many who are oblivious about the amount of work involved in feeding several hundred people per day. The goal of the cafeteria staff is to present quality product as quickly as possible, but like any business, there are challenges and plans for future improvement.Read More →

As freshmen in college, students have some major concerns. ‘What is it like to be away from home?’ ‘What kind of food will I eat?’ ‘What major should I pick?’ ‘I wonder if my classes will be hard.’ The biggest question though that carries on through every year of college is: ‘how do I study effectively?’Read More →

The big sign reads, “The Hat: World Famous Pastrami,” which is quite an intriguing sign for a restaurant. If the owners are going to claim that it is indeed world famous, then the food, or at least the pastrami, had better live up to its name. So I walked into the restaurant hopeful and ready for new flavors to tingle my taste buds. Their signature dish was on top of the menu in big black letters. “Pastrami Dip $6.99,” which really isn’t a bad price for world famous pastrami. So I ordered the pastrami dip with a Horchata Ole and a small fry.Read More →

Last Friday, a group of Providence students had the pleasure of going to see Les Miserables at the Biola Youth Theatre in La Mirada, California. Sophomore Ellen Avants, a former actor in the Youth Theatre, led the group and promised that it would be a great play.Read More →

The Screwtape Letters, one of C.S. Lewis’ most popular and influential works, was performed at the Alex Theatre in Glendale, CA on January 15. Max McLean stars in this show that has been a hit in several locations across the United States. Prior to the 2011 tour that began in Glendale, 300 performances took place in New York City.Read More →

Has the excitement to line up in front of stores in the wee hours of the morning to get the best bargains on “Black Friday” died out? With the endless selection and easy comparison shopping available online, many bargain hunters have switched from waiting in front of stores the morning after Thanksgiving to shopping for gifts from home.Read More →