The Christmas season holds an aura of excitement and anticipation to spend time with family and close friends. Often, these Christmastime sentiments are closely associated with cold weather and the fluffy white flakes that people experience in the North. In Southern California, where the ground stays green, residents find ways other than enjoying snow to make the Christmas experience something altogether memorable.Read More →

The movie 127 Hours was recently release on November 24 on limited screens and I had the opportunity to watch the film last week over Thanksgiving break. 127 Hours, directed by Danny Boyle, follows the true story of mountain climber Aron Ralston (played by James Franco), who went hiking near Moab, Utah in 2003. (Contains spoilers  .)Read More →

Thanksgiving. The mere mention of the word can have people salivating for turkey, mashed potatoes, and stuffing enjoyed with family and friends at home. At Providence, however, many members of our student body are from out of state or even out of country. This is no excuse for anyone to stay on campus unless they sincerely want to.Read More →

College moms often worry their students are not eating right. While the William Carey cafeteria generally offers healthy food options, there is another health issue that students face: the issue of getting enough exercise. Exercising is obviously good for the body, and it is also stress relieving. The Pasadena area offers several hikes which can assist students in getting the exercise they as well as displaying the scenic beauty of Southern California. An easy hiking option for students is the trail to Millard Canyon Falls. It is about one mile to walk round trip, and gives access to a trail that can take hikers behindRead More →

The type of learning atmosphere that Providence Christian College is able to provide for its students is one of the benefits of a small school. Students at larger colleges and universities may often feel like they’re just another face in a sea of people.  They’re often known by the number on their student ID card rather than their name. This is not the case at Providence.Read More →

Transportation can be a major problem for college students since many can’t afford their own car. Thankfully, Pasadena has a mass transit system called the Pasadena Area Rapid Transit System, or ARTS for short. Though the ARTS bus can take people almost anywhere they need to travel within Pasadena, some Providence students have had a difficult time understanding how it works.Read More →

For the past three weeks, Providence Christian College students have gathered on Monday nights for improvisational games and fun. Held in Hesed Lounge, the meetings have been well attended since the first night. Dr. Aaron Belz, Professor of English at Providence, developed the idea.Read More →