By Iris Poole The drought that has had such a large impact on California that has allegedly ended this past winter season is still on the radar for the citizens of California. We saw a longer rainy season than what California has seen in a few years. Though the impact was most severe in Southern California, Northern California definitely felt a hit as well. Lake Shasta, being one of the largest reservoirs was reduced down to what looked like a puddle, but since the rainy season, the reservoir has regained the majority of its water. The Los Angeles Times in their article from January ofRead More →

By Kavin Carter On September 26th the property owners of William Carey International University informed the Providence community of its decision to sell its campus property. Providence has leased classrooms, offices, dorms, and houses from WCIU. This announcement was made public by Michael Kiledjian, Vice President of Advancement, on behalf of President Belcher via Facebook. Although the comment section of this post was turned off, on the 27th during chapel Geoff Shaw announced that if students had questions or concerns that he would be available to answer them. Since this announcement, students have been wondering how this will impact their future at providence. “As farRead More →

By Marika Tiessen On September 8, the freshman class voted for male and female class representatives. Running for female representative were Hannah Shenk, with the slogan, “Moving Forward Together,” and Esther Lewis, with the slogan, “This Semester Vote for Esther.” The male role didn’t seem to be very popular, with only Kees Kiledjian willing to take on the task. Kees made a bold marketing choice by featuring Reuben Sheneni on his campaign flyers, which gave many people a good laugh. Esther was voted in as female representative, and Kees as male representative. When asked how she felt about it, Hannah said, “I was a littleRead More →

By Sarah Bergquist 2017 is a monumental year. Not only did it contain the first total solar eclipse in nearly a century, but it also marks the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, the tradition which our college is built on and continues to walk in. Providence will celebrate this event on October 20-21. Though most college homecoming weekends center around an athletic event, such as a football or volleyball game, Providence has instead strategically combined the Reformation celebration with alumni weekend, family weekend, and visit weekend. Resident Director Johnathan Kruis articulated a great encouragement for students and guests to attend and support Friday’s cross countryRead More →

  By Hannah Shenk   The day was cold and dreary, with skies of gray. As a group of Providence students walked to Connell’s with the lightest sprinkles of rain, a soft sound could be heard. It was a curious young cat. The small gray kitty padded after the students all the way from Reeve’s court down to a few blocks of houses. This was one of multiple encounters that Providence students have had with the furry felines that resided on campus. Many students encountered the cats, and had varying opinions: “I saw it once,” says Haley Aguirre, “I heard it meow, and I turnedRead More →

By Marika Tiessen Seeing visitors on campus is a normal thing, but it’s not everyday that we have people come from places as far as Costa Rica. We had the pleasure of welcoming thirteen high school students to stay with us for the night on Friday, September 8. Travelling all the way from San Jose, Costa Rica for a service and learning trip, they made a stop at Providence to tour campus and see what we are all about. They sat in on chapel, attended a class, and then met many Providence students at a Beggar Keggar that afternoon. They’re not so different from us,Read More →

By Sarah Bergquist Those who know Danielle (Dirksen) Alsky remember her quintessential Providence spirit when she attended from 2011-2015. The beloved alumna has returned as a faculty member. She’s coming with a new last name, but just as much love for the holistic learning and thriving community in Pasadena. In 2015, she earned a B.A. with concentrations in Literature, Biblical & Theological Studies, and Humanities from Providence. She’s spent the last two years in a Master’s Program at Cal State Long Beach, and this past May completed her M.A. in English Literature. During her second year in the program, she balanced a teaching position atRead More →

By Hannah Shenk Typically, on Monday and Wednesday nights, the new Providence ice cream freezer is rolled out onto Reeves Court. It is here that a variety of sweet treats can be purchased for two dollars apiece and students can come fellowship in the courtyard. “Student Life would like our students to have lots of food options for our students and this is one step in that direction,” says Johnathan Kruis, the director of Student Community Life. Jonathan went on to say that food options is one reason they invested in the portable treat box. However, the main goal is to draw people outside andRead More →

By Iris Poole Many of us feel powerless in the face of politics, political decision making, and policy change. There is a lot of legislation that gets passed and much of it is gets swept under the rug and many voters and constituents don’t even know exist. There is a glimmer of hope among the feeling of hopelessness in the wake of what appears to be political turmoil and a lack of say in politics. This glimmer of hope is that the state of California has a 72 hour waiting period to hear the input of the public before passing legislation and the care ofRead More →

By Tina Snieder Providence students know how great it is to go to school in Los Angeles county. However, for many college students across L.A. county, we may not ever know how great it will be to live here post-graduation. This is because, according to Zillow, the median home value in L.A. is over half a million dollars; 616,900 dollars to be exact. Apartments and condos? Typically upwards of 1,500 per month.Read More →