The staff of The Beggar Blade hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving.  It has been our privileged to present you with the news and happenings here at Providence over the last couple of months.  The paper is taking a much needed break over the holiday and will return next week with all-new stories and features for your reading enjoyment.Read More →

In the last five years I have made it a habit to ask people, on their birthday, what their favorite memory of the past year was. It guarantees some strange looks, but the results are always fruitful to both the inquisitee and I. Delving into the past will always produce what I like to call memory nuggets. These can include times of joy, sadness, and insight, to name a few. These are the times that are worth remembering for the rest of your life.Read More →

I remember taking my first exam at Providence in 2009, in which I received a solid C. “You’ll figure it out,” said my friends. “Half the battle is learning how the professor gives tests!” This proved true, and I have since provided the same encouragement to my fellow students on several occasions. But it made me wonder: is this practice of “figuring out the professor” a good thing?Read More →

What is the cost of attending Providence? The total fiscal cost varies from student to student based on their financial aid package (one that is notably more generous than many other Reformed Christian institutions). But students pay more than money during their stay here.Read More →

Midterms are over. The time has come for students’ brains to downshift to a more comfortable, less coffee-dependent gear. The weekend has arrived, and from the looks of it, not a moment too soon. I am confident that every bit of studying paid off, or will at some point in each student’s life. Of course, students will forget some details here and there, but the overarching ideas will be remembered for a lifetime. A firm grasp of the liberal arts, that plethora of knowledge battered into students’ minds this week, translates into bright post-Providence futures.Read More →

I know what you have been thinking: “Where can I find a reliable news source about Providence Christian College?” I can hear the concern in your mind’s voice, and this same concern caused eight Providence students to take up the noble cause of launching a frequently updated, online newspaper called the Beggar Blade.Read More →