By Marissa Branson As young middle class Americans, we are bombarded with news regularly and the reminder that evil, corruption, and tragedy are everywhere. It’s right at our fingertips, all over our newsfeeds. The New York Times published an article in 2014 calling millennials “Generation Nice.” We are a conscious generation who are passionate about a multitude of social issues and desire a world that stands for justice and equality. But a few months ago, I had a surprising conversation. A student told me she didn’t believe in protests because the Bible commands us to obey authority, making civil disobedience sinful.Read More →

“Lots a changes old Max, lots a changes!”  In my favorite movie–the old classic version of Dirty Dancing–this quote comes near the end of the movie. The aging band director is making the comment to the also aging camp owner who is saddened by what is happening at his family camp. Max (the owner) is disheartened by the changes he has seen over the years and feels that the place is no longer as wholesome and appealing as it once had been to families. Recently I’ve begun reflecting on my decision to stop working in Resident Life at Providence. I’ve been thinking about the firstRead More →