Faculty Profile: Whitney Gamble PhD

photo by Kavin Carter

by Kavin Carter 

Dr. Whitney Gamble is up to a lot outside the classroom.

She is working on a book based on her doctoral dissertation which she wrote regarding scholarly debates of justification and theology. The book will go into detail on the nature of salvation and how it is granted and how it is gained.

“It’s one of the most important things you can ever learn about” Gamble said. The book’s date isn’t known yet, but she hopes for it to be out as soon as possible.

  Gamble is also working on a blog post for a website called Meet the Puritans as well. She is excited about this because it will familiarize people with 16th and 17th century theology, and will introduce Puritan theology to a new generation of believer. She is also scheduled to speak at Princeton University this coming fall on the same topics of justification and salvation and how these topics relate to each other.

“I’ve always been interested in these topics because they are practical to our lives. They affect how we go about each day and how we treat other people,” Gamble added.

But that’s not all. She somehow finds time to mentor students outside the classroom.

  Recently she invited a group of students to her home, where she cooked a meal for them and then conducted a group discussion about race in the church. The group dove into how different denominations work and how they address social issues. They discussed political background and people’s neighborhoods as factors in where they go to church.

Finally, Gamble is invigorated by the growth she has seen in the students this year and can’t wait to see them continue to add to the community as time goes on.

“I love seeing students grow in knowledge and faith its why I became a teacher and love being a teacher,” she said.