Interview with Shara Guengerich – Interning with Students for Life of America

After hearing about Students for Life of America, Shara Guengerich, a senior at Providence Christian College, decided to take a stand against abortion. This summer, Shara moved to Washington D.C to work as an intern for this pro-life organization.

Shara has been involved in the pro-life movement from childhood. She has participated in events such as going to Washington D.C. for President Obama’s inauguration, attended the march for life in D.C., and went to events in 2008 when Obama was campaigning in California. Shara states, “There have been continual things reminding me that [pro-life activism] is so important.” She shares that being pro-life, especially as a Christian, has caused her to be “ridiculed and bashed” for what she believes. Even though being part of the pro-life movement can be stressful, she says that being strong through Scripture and understanding that this is her calling causes her to push herself. In the end, Shara has found that taking a stand for pro-life has been rewarding by seeing others come to Christ.

Shara heard about the internship from her co-workers and friends who were part of a previous pro-life organization. Having heard about the details of this internship, Shara decided to apply.

While working for Students for Life of America, Shara says, “I applied everything I learned from my communication classes.” Shara’s work in social media consisted of sending emails, writing articles, and making promotional videos. Not only was keeping up with the news very important, but it was also necessary to understand political decisions. An example that Shara gives is when the Supreme Court decision of Obama’s health care was handed down. Shara had to make sure that the communication of the decision made was interpreted correctly so she would be able to update the supporters of the organization.

Although she broke her ankle and performed the majority of the internship on crutches, Shara liked Students for Life of America’s approach to pro-life activism. This pro-life organization is an effective step toward ending abortion by putting the focus on equipping young people to take a stand. According to Shara, “That is where the pro-life movement gets its success, by bringing young people into the movement.”

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