Senior Profile — Jana Crum

As our current Student Senate President completes her last year and prepares to move on, it seemed appropriate to hold one last interview to commemorate all of the memories and lessons she has learned while at Providence Christian College. Without further ado, a senior interview of Jana Crum.

What is the most dangerous thing you have done at Providence?

Jana: Probably living with Emily Belz.

What is one of the lessons you learned during your time here that you most value?

Jana: A lesson by Dr. Belz that truth comes at different levels; the surface of a truth may be valid, but the spirit of it may still be wrong. That may seem small, but it has been so applicable.

What color would you say best describes you?

Jana: Green. I’m not morose like black or gray, but I’m also not a red or yellow. I wear green a lot, and I suppose I get sick a lot so yeah, it seems fitting.

What are your plans for next year?

Jana: I plan to do some nannying for a family of missionaries out of country and help them with the work they are doing there. Just a few more details need to be set up but it seems good to go.

If you could go to one Professor’s house in the middle of the night and shout something at their window, which Professor would it be and what would you say?

Jana: Dr. Swanson, “Revelations, revelations, revelations!”

What was your favorite class?

Jana: Comedy and Modernism

If you were to describe your experience here as a theme park ride, which would it be and why?

Jana: Tatsu at 6 Flags, since on that ride you’re hanging and see how high you are and it is terrifying, but you take the risk anyway. And I didn’t fall.

What restaurant here would you not visit again?

Jana: Del Taco

What was the best thing you found to do on a rainy day?

Jana: A group of us drove up into the mountains and saw rain change to snow, and we went to a town and found this restaurant/ diner, it was paneled with beautiful dark wood, and there were all these old people dancing… but I also remember the huge puddles on the Ontario campus!

What would you like to leave behind as you leave Providence?

Jana: The vision of living by faith, looking forward to our inheritance. With the girls specifically, I want to encourage them to have the freedom to feel comfortable with accountability and be willing to share their struggles with others. I had the opportunity to do this with several individuals and it was rewarding for both of us in each case. Don’t let sin enslave you.