Senior Profile: Marie Bosma

Article by Laura Fobar

From the great Province of British Columbia, Canada to the sunny Southland of California, Providence senior, Marie Bosma, finds herself at the end of her college years. In the beginning, Marie knew nothing about the Providence community other than its size. She had never visited the school and came to college in California “for the adventure of it!”

Marie’s first year of college was challenging. She explained her difficulty in academics and said it was awkward to talk about spiritual things because she had been brought up in a not-so-talkative church community. Marie was delightfully surprised by the professors who, she explained, were “completely philosophical, high profile people at the same time as being totally Christian.” Still homesick, however, Marie was convinced she was not going to return to Providence for her sophomore year because she was homesick and endured a few situations which seemed to be pushing her in another direction. Eventually, though, Marie felt God calling her back to PCC by way of an “overwhelming peace.”

During her sophomore year, Marie felt more connected to the Providence community academically, socially, and spiritually. Unfortunately, she still felt homesick and wasn’t sure if she was going to return the following year. When she was offered the position as R.A. for her junior year, she returned to Providence for a third year and decided there was no point in transferring later and would stay for the remainder of her undergraduate years.

In comparing her freshman year with her senior year, Marie had a long list of things she loves about Providence. At the top of her list: “…A sense of ownership for the school. The community is great and each person finds their own sub community to be a part of. [It is a] community united for building the college; being part of something greater attracts me because I am part of something that will create history.”

Marie, like many other Providence students, expounded on her love for the college’s staff and faculty: “I LOVE the staff and faculty here. My last semester has been a kind of a drag because of student teaching and not seeing everyone. Mrs. Hoekstra has encouraged me, supported me, and challenged me in ways she isn’t aware of and I have gone to her for a lot of things including life, academics…basically everything at some point. It has shaped my senior year—Mrs. H has been the most influential part of my senior year—I love student teaching; it has been great. I’m almost done!”

As an education major, Marie has been student teaching at Judson International School this semester. She began in a fifth grade classroom and is ending her semester in a sixth grade classroom. One of her favorite classroom moments happened during a class discussion when one sixth grade student remarked, “Ms. Bosma, why do we have so many life questions?” To which Marie replied, “Because I like them!”

Marie also explained how she was “struck with the changing role of teachers and how vivid that is. [Students ask] ‘Can we just Google this?’ The process of [Internet searching] is more educational now…How do you search? How do you think? How is [the information] not made up?…I was really struck with the need to have reasons behind everything I do; as Christians we have an advantage in that it glorifies God…everything we study or something random that will not apply to life, you can point that back to God and how it reflects him. It sparked so many good conversations!”

Marie’s plans for the future are currently undetermined. She has a heart for children and is considering a career in social work or psychological studies. Marie concluded by saying, as most seniors might, “I like Pasadena and I’m going to miss California…I’m really excited to graduate. I’ve really liked my years at Providence; they have blessed me in more ways than I can describe in a few words, but I am also ready to be done with dorm life and colleges in general.”