Max Belz: The Man Behind The Providence Fight Song

Most college admission counselors would never dream of directing a drama association, creating a school fight song, or moving furniture from one campus to the next all while recruiting students to attend the college, but Max Belz is not your normal college staff member.

Max Belz

Sitting outside of the Providence office, Max shared some of his life experiences, interests, and goals while keeping the interview lighthearted and interesting. Many Providence students and faculty have high respect for Max and love working with him. President Derek Halvorson commented as he walked by during the interview that Max is, “a rock-star recruiter.”

Working in the office

A graduate of Covenant College in 2008, Max began working for Providence in 2009 as part of the admissions staff. Max not only plays a significant role in recruiting new students, but also has a love for teaching, theater, and music – interests that he became more involved with during his years as a student and also as an employee at Covenant College.

Extroverted, easygoing, and gregarious (three words he used to describe his personality), Max loves working with Providence students, faculty, and staff members. Justin Bleeker, Director of Student Activities, has been Max’s roommate for a little over a year and can attest to Max’s outgoing and laid-back personality. Bleeker commented that Max is “not scared to interact with people” and enjoys the relational aspect of working with others.

Max is excited about the part he can play at Providence not only as an admissions counselor, but in other campus activities as well, such as composing the school fight song. He talked about some of his experiences working at Providence, including the campus move which he felt privileged to be a part of. One of his goals as a recruiter is to help Providence get a larger incoming class each year, but he also wants to see the college grow culturally. This is part of the reason he takes such an interest in supporting student activities such as drama and music. While he recognizes that it can sometimes be more difficult to recruit for a new college that doesn’t have a previous reputation, Max looks at the challenges the admissions staff has to face with enthusiasm and determination.

Drama Skit with Max Belz and Henry DelaplaneAs the Drama Association adviser, Max has also had to face the challenges that come with starting a new program. Such challenges include lack of resources and performing space, but he has enjoyed the experience despite these obstacles. Max also thinks that it is great to have such ambitious and talented students such as Henry Delaplane, the leader of the Drama Association, who stated that he appreciates Max’s previous theater experience and creativity.

Not only does Max have a love for the arts, he also enjoys sports. Bleeker stated that he never would have guessed that Max was “hardcore” about football and baseball. It surprised him when he discovered that his roommate loves the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team and regularly gets together with his cousin, Dr. Aaron Belz, to watch football.

Bleeker also remarked on Max’s eclectic personality, emphasizing his easygoing attitude as well as his outgoing qualities. But perhaps what impressed him the most about Max’s personality is that he not only takes Biblical theology seriously, he is also very committed to living out his faith in everyday life. “I feel like I’m just getting to know Max,” he commented.

With Max’s involvement in various activities, his variety of interests, and his unique personality traits, there is a lot to get to know regarding the man behind the Providence Fight song.