Staff Profile: Justin Bleeker

“Bueno!” For Justin Bleeker, 27, life is good. He has a beautiful girlfriend, works a job that he loves, and currently resides in the beautiful city of Pasadena, CA. Originally from a small town in South Dakota, Justin’s life now revolves around Providence Christian College in Southern California. Ten minutes before his graduation from Dordt College in 2005, Justin was faxing a job application to Providence. The following day he was interviewed over the phone. The following week, he was flown out for more interviews and as he left, he was offered the job. Justin has been here ever since.

Having worked many different positions at Providence including registrar, admissions counselor, director of admissions, and now director of student activities, Justin says he likes his current position best. It just seems to fit him and his gifts. He loves the students, which is good, considering his job description. Justin’s main responsibilities include directing the school’s Avodah program, overseeing intramural sports, city leagues, and student senate, and running events like SOAR and family weekend. It can also include any number of random jobs that nobody else wants to do. According to Steve Kortenhoeven, Dean of Student Life, whose office is across the hall from Justin’s, “It’s great to work with him. He’s very responsible, gets everything done, works hard, works late, and has high energy.”

When asked what is keeping him here, Justin said that his belief in what the college is doing and the growth that he sees in students are the main reasons. Aside from that, Justin says, “I really like California a lot. It is a crazy, horrible, awesome place all at the same time.” It is fitting that he also loves cultures and the city, considering the fact that he lives less than an hour away from Los Angeles, the country’s largest cultural melting pot. Due to his involvement in the Avodah program, Justin spends a lot of time in the city, observing and learning. He says, “Living in L.A. has really challenged my small town, little boy mentality.”

The city really brings out Justin’s real passion: people. A huge aspect of his job, people and relationships are important to him. “I don’t want to sound too Christian cheesy, but I really do love the idea, the concept, and also the practical application of the gospel in people’s lives,” Justin says. “I’m passionate about people and how the gospel message and Christianity apply to them.” This is the very reason that Justin has toyed with the idea of attending seminary. Still unsure, he could easily do a whole variety of things. The opportunities are endless, and could include either staying here at Providence or going to seminary to become a pastor or an overseas missionary.

Justin also has a bit of a quirky side. His humor is dry and sarcastic, and he gets hung up on one-liners like “your face” and “starsucks” instead of Starbucks. He enjoys sports, especially basketball, even though he hates running. When there is a game of Ultimate Frisbee or volleyball happening on campus, Justin can usually be found in the midst of it. According to Ruby Snieder, “Justin is a very passionate person who likes to yell, and loves being active. Plus, he’s a really good cook.” Although he has no idea what the future holds for him at this point, Justin is ready for anything life has to offer. And so he remains, as his Twitter bio states, “Providence Christian College by day; amateur man of leisure by night.”