Thanksgiving. The mere mention of the word can have people salivating for turkey, mashed potatoes, and stuffing enjoyed with family and friends at home. At Providence, however, many members of our student body are from out of state or even out of country. This is no excuse for anyone to stay on campus unless they sincerely want to.Read More →

College moms often worry their students are not eating right. While the William Carey cafeteria generally offers healthy food options, there is another health issue that students face: the issue of getting enough exercise. Exercising is obviously good for the body, and it is also stress relieving. The Pasadena area offers several hikes which can assist students in getting the exercise they as well as displaying the scenic beauty of Southern California. An easy hiking option for students is the trail to Millard Canyon Falls. It is about one mile to walk round trip, and gives access to a trail that can take hikers behindRead More →

On almost any given day of the week in the admissions office at Providence Christian College, past the front desk, behind the blue dividers, and under a sign that says, “Matt Gabrielse, Admissions Counselor”, Matt can be found working at his desk. Matt, who joined the Providence admissions team in the fall of 2007, was born and raised in Chino, California. Throughout Matt’s childhood and high school years, his father was the owner of a dairy supply and service company and his mother worked at Ontario Christian Middle School as a secretary. Matt attended Christian schools and spent his spare time at sports games, tradingRead More →

In the last five years I have made it a habit to ask people, on their birthday, what their favorite memory of the past year was. It guarantees some strange looks, but the results are always fruitful to both the inquisitee and I. Delving into the past will always produce what I like to call memory nuggets. These can include times of joy, sadness, and insight, to name a few. These are the times that are worth remembering for the rest of your life.Read More →

On Saturday, November 6, a group of students from Providence Christian College went on an Avodah Excursion to Little Tokyo for a day of history, great food, and Japanese culture.Read More →

The type of learning atmosphere that Providence Christian College is able to provide for its students is one of the benefits of a small school. Students at larger colleges and universities may often feel like they’re just another face in a sea of people.  They’re often known by the number on their student ID card rather than their name. This is not the case at Providence.Read More →

The Providence Christian College Sea Beggars rallied last Friday, November 5th, in an organized attempt to heighten school spirit. With many dressed in orange and blue throughout the day, much of the excitement came in the evening when a contest was held to decide who would take over President Halvorson’s place as the school’s new mascot.Read More →

I remember taking my first exam at Providence in 2009, in which I received a solid C. “You’ll figure it out,” said my friends. “Half the battle is learning how the professor gives tests!” This proved true, and I have since provided the same encouragement to my fellow students on several occasions. But it made me wonder: is this practice of “figuring out the professor” a good thing?Read More →