The Blade Writes Administration, Administration Responds

By Angela Groom and Nicole Veldink

Following our previous issue, containing an interview with Dr. Otto, there were a number of figures who found issue with the piece and believe it had malicious intent. Members of administration thought that the Blade should have contacted them to fact-check the contents of the article prior to publishing. However, the staff writer for the Blade that wrote the article, Angela Groom, had in fact contacted Dawn Dirksen and Mark Rippetoe on a number of occasions regarding issues equal in sensitivity in the months leading up to the article being published yet received no response. The Blade decided on March 19th, in the interest of peacemaking, to reach out to administration and extend the opportunity to them to submit a response to be reviewed for publication with our next issue.

Our letter:

Photo courtesy of Angela Groom.
After a copy of this letter was sent to the recipients, we received a response. The Blade was asked to post the response in a special issue of the online version of the Blade; however, due to the timing, the executive editors felt it may be more beneficial to publish the response with the rest of our April 6th issue. While it was under revision, a copy of the response was posted to the Providence Community Center. A copy of the board’s response to the article regarding Dr. Otto can be found here: BladeOttoArticleRebuttal-Final to editor, as well as the Providence Community Center.