Promoting Liberty and Being Engaged

Picture depicting the Statue of Liberty.

By Iris Poole

On Saturday, March 4, Young Americans for Liberty held a summit for college students to promote liberty. The premise of the summit was to empower individuals to be confident in their ability to share liberty-minded ideas with other individuals. Cliff Maloney Jr., president of YAL, stated “The most important thing in promoting liberty is being engaged and promoting ideas, and be better for it.”

Maloney said that one way to promote liberty is to recognize the difference between organic and organized support. Organic support is the support gathered naturally, wherein an individual discovers an organization or movement on their own. Organized support is gathered through the promotion of the organization or movement, an example being, going out and promoting the organization or movement. The organic support is best for gaining support, while organized support is best for retaining that support.

One of the biggest combatants to liberty and freedom is the ever present establishment politician. Politicians seem to never hold the best interest of their constituents in mind when they support and vote for policies and measures that ultimately do more harm than good. There are three goals of a politician: first, election, second, reelection, and third, election to higher office. Because of this, freedoms and liberties of the individual are robbed for the sake of politicians already in power or trying to gain more power. This is why it is important to promote and engage with activities that question authoritarianism and promote liberty for all individuals.

Slogan for YAL, courtesy of Google Images.

Politicians are a problem and so are politics. Politics brings out the hypocrisy in people; they will defend their candidate no matter what that candidate says or supports. The individual will support their candidate even if that individual would never otherwise support the things advocated by their candidate. Another problem is that the best reporters this past year were comedians rather than network and newspaper reporters. We need to ask ourselves why these things are and also ask how are we or how can we combat these things.

How do we promote liberty, really? How can we go on to support and create support for the cause of liberty?

“The best way to promote and be active in liberty is to be involved, but getting started with resources and being proactive, and engaging with other people,” Maloney said when asked how one can go about combating deterrents to individual liberties and freedoms.

One way that we can be proactive is by actually participating and volunteering in activities that fight and support the citizen’s liberty and freedom. Two key concepts of liberty are defending freedom of speech, even if that speech is disagreeable, and fighting for a fair justice system. If we can’t fight for liberty and the concepts of liberty, what are we doing? If we can’t can’t protect the individual’s freedom, then are we, as whole, really free?