Who Lies Below

By Angela Groom and Nicole Veldink

On Wednesday March 16, we took a daring journey to the underbelly of the library to find out what dwells below. Often times Providence students wonder who shares our campus. This leads students no choice but to Facebook stalk and ask weird questions to the people who are busy at work.

We spoke with a representative from The Call, an organization that conducts evangelistic outreach through day-long gatherings of worship and prayer. The Call reaches people living specifically in the greater Los Angeles area. Lately, this organization has been working on an event called Azusa Now. Taking place on April 9th, the event is expected to host 90,000 people. The Call occupies four offices near the academic resource center in lower Latourette Library.

Another organization in lower Latourette is One Voice, an organization that works with high school students and local churches to set up bible clubs in public schools. The organization hosts a project called The One Campaign, where they visit churches and inform students on how they can “take their campus for Jesus,” artistic designer Manny Gaitan said.

They have more than thirty public schools involved in their organization. At the request of a student, they visit schools by hosting donut days every week for a semester. The following semester they hold a bible club day once a week where Brian Barcelona, the leader of the organization, leads worship and scripture reading along with pizza.

Coming in September, they will hold a gathering, called Night of Hope, to inform students from different high schools about the organization. The event will be held at Roosevelt High School in east Los Angeles to offer free food, free entrance, and a free concert. In order to reach out to students, One Voice uses Snapchat and Instagram. At the event, students will be asked to use a Snapchat filter in hopes of getting on the Los Angeles local Snapchat Story. “Media is such a powerful outlet,” Gaitan remarked