Student Life Unveils Complaint Process

IMG_5539 (1)by Kavin Carter

As a special week of chapels dubbed “Grumbling to Gratitude” came to a close, something rose from the ashes.

On Friday, March 4 at chapel, dean of students Mark Rippetoe formally apologized to the student body. The reason was the failure of communication between students and faculty about issues on campus. In order to combat this miscommunication, the dean of students along with resident life has promised to work harder to communicate with students who come to them with problems and suggestions.

An avenue that was discussed in order to improve this was the formation of a school app that would allow students to request assistance or file a complaint as they see fit. The app will not only serve this purpose, but will also allow students to access Populi, a map of the campus (for new students), and will include other campus-related applications. The app will be ready by the fall semester.

       For now, Rippetoe himself is the point person for any complaints or issues. Depending on the breadth of the issue, it will be resolved right away, or for bigger problems, they will be taken to student senate, residence life, academics or athletics office.

“Change is good but it’s also hard. Our old ways of dealing with things won’t work, and we have hurt our trust with students. But I’m happy we’ve come to a realization about this now,” Rippetoe said.

     Student Senate will also be a factor in this new system. It will be involved with resolving problems specifically with student life. Student life plans to put these changes into effect right way. Making this adjustment now will make a strong impact on the coming days and farther down the line.