The New Face of Chapel

by Amy MacArthur and Nicole Veldink

In fall 2015, Dan Myers joined the Providence staff as the school’s new chaplain. He was first introduced while leading chapel at fall orientation, and few knew what to expect.

Myers came to Providence through President Belcher, with whom he worked in planting a church in 2008 in Orange County. Last year, Myers and his family moved to the LA area where he himself is planting a church. In the process, he learned about Providence and its need for a chaplain. Since coming on board, he has  collaborated with Belcher to take a more practical approach to chapel.

He commented, “You know, Dr. Belcher’s view for chapel was that practical theology is really important. We’re getting good theology wih sermons, but then also some discussion. What does that mean for the day to day?”

Myers desired to create an environment where change was not a bad thing, but wanted to captivate the student body throughout the year.

“I’m not carrying out my vision. I’m carrying out the vision of the board, the president, and the institution,” Myers said.

“I’ve been super excited and blessed to be part of such a diverse kind of format where it’s not just the same thing every time over and over,” he added.