Did You Hear the Universe?


By Kavin Carter

We have now heard the universe! On Feb. 25 students gathered at President Jim Belcher’s house to listen to a presentation entitled “Gravitational Waves” by Dr. Arnold Sikkema.

Apart from serving on the Providence board, Sikkema is a professor of physics at Trinity Western University in Langley, British Columbia, Canada. He considers gravitational waves to be one of the most significant and amazing discoveries of our time. He showed students a press conference video that overjoyed scientists. Within the last year, scientists have discovered gravitational waves, a result of two black holes colliding together billions of years ago.

In 1916 Albert Einstein predicted that such events were possible in his theory of general relativity and almost one hundred years later his prediction has been proven to be correct. The most amazing part, though, is that scientists recorded the sound of two black holes smashing into each other. The result is a small short sound that resembles a beep.

“This universe is amazing and the more we learn about it the more I am in awe of God,” said freshmen Brennan Kiledjian, when asked about what he thought of the presentation

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