A Surge in Student Leadership


by Kavin Carter    

Over 45 students attended a student life leadership meeting last Friday night Feb. 25.

The meeting’s purpose was to promote and encourage students to sign up for leadership positions on campus. Students at this meeting received information about several leadership positions including resident assistant, student activities, first year seminar mentor, and student government posts.

Community directors Bethany Gioielli, Johnathan Kruis, and Courtney Withington oversaw the meeting, going into detail about the specific responsibilities of each position.

One position that stood out more than the rest was first year seminar mentors. Unlike this past year, mentors will be given more days of training in the future, and will return to school earlier for them to be prepared for arriving new students. 

“There will be significant changes to the first year seminar program. We are looking for what people really need coming into college. Everyone is different and because of this everyone needs different things, so trying to care for everyone has been welcomed as an exciting challenge,” said Dr. John Cunningham, director of the first year seminar.

Needless to say with the amount of students–both student-athletes and otherwise–Providences student leadership is looking bright.

“I was surprised and really excited by how many people showed up to the meeting,” Withington said. “We won’t have enough positions for everyone to get involved but the campus clubs are another avenue we can’t wait for people to get involved in.”

No matter what happens, future student leadership promises to be diverse and bold.