Sanctity of Life Candlelit Memorial

Co-Written by Marissa Branson

On January 19th Providence Students for Life gathered outside of Pasadena’s local Planned Parenthood to mourn the death of millions and protest the legalization of abortion that began with Roe vs. Wade 40 years ago.

According to the American Life League, every day there are over 3,000 deaths by abortion. January 22 marked the 40th year of the legalization of abortion and the Providence students who gathered together believe Christians should take a stand against this genocide.

Providence’s students held a candle-light vigil in memory of those who have died through legalized abortion. This memorial service consisted of a time spent in prayer, worship, and reading of Scripture. The candles were lit in respect for and remembrance of the lost lives.

“Christians are called to be a light in the darkness and have a voice for the evil that is going on in this world. As we were all lined up outside of the clinic singing to God and praying for the lives lost, we were able to see how others responded to our actions. Standing there on the sidewalk, people had responded to us differently. Some people would drive by and honk in support of what we were doing; some people would walk right by us and ignore us in hopes that we do not say anything to them; and others would yell out of their cars and call us names,” said Kelly Figueredo, freshman and Students for Life member.

Students for Life encourage the Christian community to continue to pray and take action against this worldwide issue.