And Welcome Back…

And Welcome Back…

So here we are, off to another school year. And today marks the first edition of The Beggar Blade this semester. We have many exciting stories lined up and a fantastic group of club members who will be writing articles, creating films, and publishing print editions of the newspaper. Our goal is to expand the topics covered this year and offer a variety of ways to keep our readers interested. One way we will do this will be to start Beggar Blade treasure hunts where readers can read articles, find key points, and have a chance at winning prizes. Sophomore Johnathan Kruis will be announcing more information about this soon.

Here is a sneak peak at some of the articles and columns to come:

L.A. Happenings column by sophomore Ian Harriman

Poop Deck column featuring student profiles, funny editorials, and comics by sophomore Sam Bice

Political facts, highlights, and opinions column by senior Jacob Fisher

A movie review column by sophomore Johnathan Kruis

“Here’s Your Problem” by sophomore Marissa Korpan

WASC update by Jolene Ybema

And these are just a few of the many articles to come. The Beggar Blade staff is always open to article suggestions and would love to see more students publish articles when the opportunity arises. Even if you did not sign up to be a part of the club, if you have a great story idea you would like to see an article about or would even like to write that one article, contact senior Laurelinda Larkins.

We would like to take a moment to introduce this semester’s writers:

Marissa Branson and Laurelinda Larkins – Co-Editor and Chief.

Marissa Korpan – Managing Editor

Max Belz – Club Adviser

Brittany Sims

Courtney Withington

Ian Harriman

Jacob Fisher

Johnathan Kruis

Jolene Ybema

Kayla Brown

Kelly Figueredo

Samuel Bice

Sarah Grimes

Sean Owens

Shelli Cammenga

So hoist the sails Sea Beggars because the sea is waiting…