Chorale Prepares for its Final Concert this Weekend

With their big concert coming up this Saturday, the Providence Christian College Chorale is back in full swing, having already sung at a donor banquet and joined Escondido URC in worship this past weekend. Many choir members drove South early and worshipped in Temecula last Sunday, whereas others arrived later in the day for practice. After warming up and going over songs, the Chorale enjoyed some pizza prior to dressing up for service.

For the service, the Chorale sang in preparation for worship with a rousing spiritual “Nothin’ Gonna Stumble” and “Bless the Lord.” During the offertory they sang “It is Well,” a piece they had sung at a banquet once before. At the end, they echoed the benediction with “The Lord Bless you and Keep You” by John Rutter, a fitting and beautiful end to the service.

Afterwards, the Chorale members reconnected with the congregation in Escondido. Driving back, students were given the added blessing of connecting with their professor outside of the classroom. Chorale Director Professor Canty invited the chorale members to her home to enjoy cake and ice cream in celebration of the successful performance. Now, the Chorale is looking forward to their longer concert this Saturday at Ontario URC at 7:30. The wider Providence community is invited to attend a wonderful night of singing, praise, and music, continuing the traditions of the Providence Christian College Chorale.