Pasadena Coffee Shop Tour Avodah

Pasadena Coffee Shop Tour Avodah

On Saturday morning, February 18, a group of sleepy-eyed Sea Beggars met at the bright and early – for some – hour of 9 AM to hear about the very thing most students desired just then – coffee!  After hearing a brief summary of the history of coffee and the development of the coffee house, the group drove to the eclectic and locally owned Jones Coffee Roasters and enjoyed some delicious drinks, while exuberant owner Chuck Jones gave an overview of his store’s business model and then spoke about his lifelong passion for coffee. 

After stopping in the shade at Pasadena Central Park for a picnic lunch, the group headed over to a Providence favorite, local shop, Jameson Brown Roasters, where the manager, Christy, expanded on the history of the coffee bean and gave the group information on the many variations that come with coffee picking, roasting, and brewing.

After finishing up with a coffee sampling, the group went back to campus to discuss a final shop, the infamous, corporate Starbucks.  Student Life Director Justin Bleeker led the group in discussing how these coffee houses operate at a business level, and also how they can serve as a “third space” – a place in our lives that fits between work and home, and serves as an essential place that can promote the four aspects of community, creation, calling, and communion.

Freshman Courtney Schiller commented on her great experience, saying, “I learned a lot from this Avodah about being a coffee consumer at a local coffee shop.”  She emphasized how she valued this Avodah by learning about “the environment that was available to me in this ‘third space.’”

Junior Karoline Branson also enjoyed the Avodah, pointing out how “relevant to our lives as college students” coffee and coffee shops are. She also expressed the same sentiment all the students expressed, “Getting free coffee was awesome.” All who were on the Avodah are now enjoying a free half-pound of freshly ground coffee from Jones.