The Sea Beggars – Men’s Soccer Team 2012

Article by Mayra Martinez

The spring semester has started off with new activities around campus, but there’s one that’s been brought back…The men’s soccer team or what Europeans refer to as “Football.” The Sea Beggars have more men filling in spots this year and have scored some amazing goals that have brought out the best in the soccer team. Goal keeper, senior Josh Dykstra, discussed that the team is preparing to have a core set of players who can help lead the team to victory, have fun, and do everything to the glory of God, even when defeating other teams.

The teams that they have faced so far were the Olympique de Marseilles and Dos Equis. The Sea Beggars won the first game 0 – 2. Their second game was declared as a no contest due to some disagreement on the field between the Sea Beggars and the Dos Equis (not to be confused with the beer company). The soccer game ended theatrically due to the drama on the field, but the Sea Beggars continue to keep their head in the game. Like the “most interesting man in the world” says in the beer commercial; I don’t always hate a soccer team, but when I do, I prefer Dos Equis.