Welcome Back

Welcome Back

Welcome back to a new semester. We are excited to continue producing weekly editions of the Beggar Blade. Some features to look forward to this semester include audio broadcasts, restaurant reviews, lifestyle articles, and of course, campus event summaries. We would also like to see more students write articles and send in suggestions about how to improve the newspaper. If you would like to write for the Beggar Blade on a regular basis or just occasionally, please talk to one of the editors listed below. Join us this coming Wednesday, January 18, for some pizza and a brief meeting in M06 at 11:45a.m. if you have written for the Beggar Blade in the past or would like to start this semester.

We look forward to seeing you then,

Laurelinda Larkins and Carissa Knol (Editors and Chief)

Shara Guengerich (Managing Editor)

Marissa Branson (Shorts Editor)