A Not-so Silent Night to Remember

After a semester’s worth of grueling work, on Saturday, December 3rd and Saturday, December 4th, the Providence Christian College Choral assembled to share their Christmas program with the local church communities. The Chorale had a very busy weekend. The first evening they spent at Fountain Valley Methodist Church in Fountain Valley, CA, which is the Chorale’s very own freshman Mikaela McFarland’s home church where her father is the pastor. The Chorale’s Christmas program was titled “Christmas with Friends” and many of the church’s regular members attended as well as family of choir members, Providence faculty, and fellow classmates who made the long drive to attend.

Fountain Valley Methodist Church was very hospitable to the Chorale members providing dinner and dessert before the hour-long concert. Highlights from this concert were solos by senior Jana Crum who sang a Spanish rendition of “Silent Night,” senior Tim Vander Meulen, who sang a solo entitled “Let There Be Peace,” and freshman Mikaela McFarland who sang “O Holy Night,” a Christmas favorite. The choirs also sang many Christmas songs along with the congregation, which was a personal favorite of many of those who attended.

After the concert finished, the Chorale quickly thanked all who came and then packed up to rush over and give their concert again for the Huntington Beach Methodist Church just a few miles down the road. It was a smaller audience which provided a more intimate environment for the performance and afterwards, the Chorale was invited to share in yet more dinner and dessert and to mingle with all the attendees. Then the Chorale packed up and headed home for the night.

The next day, the Chorale drove all the way down to the United Reformed Church of Escondido for another performance, which happens to be the Choral director, Luana Canty’s home church. The choir arrived at about 4:30p.m. where they prepared to give their concert again and then participated in evening worship with the congregation. During the service, they sang “Jesus My Lord, My Life, My All” as an offertory piece. Then, as soon as the service concluded, they performed their program “Christmas with Friends” for the Escondido URC congregation. Members of the church thought it was wonderful to finally hear the product of what their own Luana Canty had been working on and directing for the past few months.

The Chorale also enjoyed that they were able to promote Providence performing arts for a supporting community. Highlights from the concert included the solos and congregational Christmas singing from the previous evening as well as a jazz rendition of the Christmas favorite “We Three Kings” by the men of the Chorale, and an entertaining arrangement of “Sleigh Ride” where junior Shelli Cammenga starred in the piece with her entertaining horse whinnies.

In an interview, Emily Van Dyke, a senior at Providence Christian College who attended the event, had this to say about the Chorale’s performance, “Overall it was a terrific concert. The choir member’s voices blended so beautifully, and they sang expressively. I could tell they were behind what they were doing. They were all up there because they wanted to be. They were in the music, loving it. I loved that. I think this year’s choir is the very best I’ve ever heard it. Simply beautiful.” The Chorale performances were received well by all and left listeners with the reminder that Christ is the reason we celebrate this glorious season.