Santa Ana Winds Damage Providence Christian College Campus

Santa Ana winds up to 100 mph ripped through Southern California early Thursday morning, felling trees and power lines, delaying or diverting flights, and knocking out power for thousands.

According to KPCC radio, “A shift in the wind’s direction was expected to occur Thursday night, blowing weaker winds into the San Gabriel Valley and L.A. coastal areas. Areas including the L.A. County Mountains, Santa Monica Mountains and Malibu, which received heavy winds [Thursday] night, will continue to be hit by powerful gusts [Friday] evening.”

Providence Christian College, located on William Carey International University campus, sustained substantial damage including two crushed cars, multiple broken windshields and windows, several buildings damaged from lost shingles and fallen trees, and most ground areas covered with tree debris.

Providence’s president, Dr. Derek Halvorson, decided to cancel classes on Thursday, so some students helped William Carey clean up roof tiles from one of the damaged buildings. Workers toiled to clean the streets and sidewalks of the foliage and remove one of the fallen trees that was blocking the parking lot exit which was the cause of the two demolished vehicles. Vice President of Business Affairs for William Carey, Rod Mcleish, stated that they will not worry about cleaning up everything until the wind storms die down. Until then, William Carey has advised residents to move their vehicles to a safer parking lot and avoid unnecessary dangers during the storms.

To watch the video documenting the damage caused by the storm, click here.