Students Attend the First Providence Harvest Hoedown

It was a warm night, and the air was alive with the distant sounds of amplified music. The sounds of celebration attracted not only Providence Christian College students, but William Carey security guards. Emanating from the entrance of Franson Hall, the music resonated as students danced together at the Harvest Hoedown on Nov. 19, 2011. Hosted by the student senate, this event began with group dancing that was led by a visitor and accompanied by live musicians. After learning the steps to various dances, students began perfecting their skills once the music started.

An entertaining part of the evening was the Sweetheart Dance, which required the gentlemen and ladies to form parallel lines and two men and one woman to sit on hay bales at the head of the lines. As the dance began, the woman selected a partner by giving flowers to the candidate whose offer she declined. After the couple danced down the line of spectators, the man who was left chose between the next two ladies who took their places beside him. This cycle repeated itself until everyone had received the opportunity to choose a “sweetheart”.

After the organized dances ended, the students enjoyed an evening of freestyle dancing with contemporary music. One highlight of the evening was an impromptu rap performance courtesy of freshman Sam Bice. The last dance of the evening, “Don’t Stop Believin’,” was greatly enjoyed by all who attended. Jana Crum, a senior at Providence, affirmed that live music was the best part of the event. Decorated by members of the student senate with party lights, bales of hay, and wooden boxes, the dance hall appeared festive in a way that it never had before. Undoubtedly, the sentiments of everyone who attended the Harvest Hoedown may be summarized in these words from senior Sara Heitman: “I absolutely loved it.”