Hollywood Hike

Saturday–a day to sleep in late and finish extra homework–or go on a hike with Dr. Swanson. On Oct. 8, students from Providence Christian College gathered at the picnic area behind McGavran Hall and set out via carpool for Hollywood. Organized by Swanson as an outing for students and faculty, this excursion included hiking to the Hollywood sign and visiting Amoeba Records, a music warehouse located on Sunset Blvd.

The world-renowned Hollywood sign, situated above the cities of Los Angeles and Burbank, proved to be a worthwhile spectacle once the students reached the top of the mountain. Traveling along a trail overlooking the vast expanse of the Los Angeles valley, the students from Providence halted occasionally to take photographs. At the zenith of the mountain, a sweeping panorama welcomed them with the San Gabriel mountains on one side and the extensive haze of Los Angeles stretching into the distance on the other. From the view overlooking Hollywood, students could observe the famous sign from a posterior location, and many appreciated its vast dimensions for the first time. While standing at the summit, they also observed several helicopters successively launch out over the expansive landscape from a fire station situated on the top of the mountain.

After descending from the Hollywood sign and capturing photos in front of this legendary piece of the history, the students and accompanying faculty members enjoyed an excellent meal at In N’ Out Burger in downtown Hollywood. From this location they proceeded to Amoeba Records, a nearby warehouse established for the buying, selling, and trading of music. Spending hours exploring rows of new and used CDs, records, and movies, students eventually emerged with the signature red, yellow, and black bags from Amoeba Records, which now contained their newest purchases. Before departing Hollywood, a group of students and faculty purchased drinks at a nearby coffee and tea house, where they enjoyed a time of fellowship.

This expedition to Hollywood was made brighter by the fact that it could be appreciated with friends and fellow students. Samuel Bice, a freshman at Providence, said, “It was fun walking to the top and hanging out with people, and seeing the view as well. And also when the helicopters flew in, that was pretty cool.”