Beach Day

On Saturday September 10th, 47 Providence students piled into vehicles with their colorful hats, bags, and towels headed to the beach. Upon their arrival at Santa Monica Beach, it began raining, which was discouraging to students who had planned on swimming or tanning. However, within about twenty minutes the sky cleared up and the rest of the day had perfect weather.

Beach Day is an annual Providence outing, where the students leave school in the morning, hang out at the beach all afternoon, eat a picnic lunch, and return to school in the evening.

This year’s beach day consisted students playing Ultimate Frisbee, swimming in the waves, flying a kite, digging trenches, tanning, reading, conversing, playing sand volleyball, and trying out the outdoor jungle gym at the neighboring Muscle Beach.

The students enjoyed this beach day. “We had an excellent time digging holes on the beach, and we played a spectacular match of volleyball, where both of the teams squared off,” said Ian Harriman, a freshman from Arizona. Sara Grimes, also a freshman from Arizona, said, “It was nice to get out and do something as a school. It was a beautiful day to be out by the sea with fun people.”

Of course, at every beach day, something happens that sets it apart from other beach days. Krista Redman, a junior from California, said, “There is always sand volleyball, but there’s not always Brett with sea weed on his head.”

Mark Hogan, a junior, was swimming in the ocean when he found a big clump of kelp. He put it on his head like a wig and walked onto shore. Brett Tyler, a senior, put the kelp on his head next and then began rocking out with an air guitar.

This grabbed the attention of people walking on the Santa Monica pier and even the attention of some people on the beach. Tyler put on an impromptu show, doing flips over the beach trash cans with the kelp on his head. The result? One beach on-looker came and gave Tyler a dollar for his act. Brett used the dollar to buy some fresh mango sold on the beach.

Beach Day was a great time for Providence students to get to know each other better, to soak up the sun, and relax in Santa Monica.