Student Senate Duct Tape Relay

It was a bright summer evening — the grass was green, the palm trees waved gently in the breeze, the sky looked magical…and approximately fifty Providence Christian College students were gathered on the lawn wearing — yes, balloons attached to their clothing with duct tape. The first Student Senate event of the year was underway Friday September 9, as students teamed up to participate in the relay.

The game started as one person wrapped his or her partner in duct tape while the other blew up balloons. Team members struggled to place as many balloons as possible (limit 20) on the designated relay participant in five minutes.  After the students were arrayed in this fashion, their goal was to make it through an obstacle course while competing against another balloon-ridden student while popping the least amount of balloons as possible.

In this battle between human determination and balloons that simply refused to cooperate, the obstacle course consisted of walking on two chairs that had to be moved after each step, leaning under a limbo bar, crawling through a cardboard box tunnel (the site of many lost balloons), and fencing for thirty seconds with long pipes covered with padding.  Sadly, many participants lost four balloons as a penalty when they refused to crawl through the cardboard tunnel.

Freshman Ian Harriman, however, was determined to get through the tunnel. After many long minutes of patient agony, Harriman emerged victoriously to the cheers of his classmates with only two popped balloons.  Honorable mentions should be awarded to Danielle Dirksen and Mark Hogan.

Several photographers were active throughout the whole event, including junior Shelli Cammenga. In the wake of their resounding failures and successes, the students gathered together after the game for a time of laughter, fellowship, and Popsicles. Without a doubt, the duct tape relay was a unique experience for many students, all of whom enjoyed it immensely. If the perfect words could be found to describe that evening and the Providence community as a whole, it would be these, provided courtesy of freshman Lorissa Haveman, “really fun and ridiculous.”