A Memorable Spring Formal

Thursday, April 21 was a beautiful night. The temperature was in the 60s and offered a pleasant opportunity to be outside. A group of Providence students gathered at the Noor Ella Ballroom in downtown Pasadena to dance the night away. From long gowns to party dresses and tuxedos to business casual, everyone came dressed for a night of fun.

It all began as the Student Senate dance committee, which included President Jana Crum, Senior Rep Jeff Munive, Junior Rep Emily Van Dyke, and Freshman Rep Danielle Yett, arrived early to decorate the tables and dance floor. As the rest of the student body arrived, they marveled at the beautiful room.

Once everyone had arrived, the dinner was served. The catering staff at the Noor Ella were quite capable. They offered students a buffet consisting of pasta, salad, chicken, and bread. Large round tables helped bring the community together as everyone fellowshipped over the meal. Soon after the majority of students had finished eating, Dr. Aaron Belz, the DJ for the evening, began to play a mix of old school melodies and popular tunes. Everyone quickly made their way to the dance floor and the party began.

The overall reaction from the students was that the Spring Formal was an incredible evening. Everyone enjoyed the meal and the beautiful setting for the dance, and every single student got out on the dance floor at some point or another. The community of Providence students owes a lot to the dance committee for such a great evening.