Hats Off to the Future 2011 Graduates

Only a few weeks left, Providence. For seniors, it is almost time to toss those hats in the air. Under different circumstances, those same flat, four-cornered sorry excuse for hats would never find their way onto a dignified Bachelor of Art’s head unless he or she was looking to catch an updraft and fly away. This group of soon-to-be college graduates, however, will proudly don them as a symbol of their academic accomplishments. Congratulations to the future 2011 graduates!

Until May 7th arrives, the campus will remain busy. Many tests still need to be aced. Many papers still need to be written, erased, and written again. Books need to be read, mouths need to be fed, and our tired brains will certainly need bed. In the midst of it all, Providence, remember why we are here.

To God be all the glory.