Student Senate Hosts Successful Variety Show

The 6th Annual Providence Variety Show was chock full of talent. Everyone from freshmen to seniors turned out to see their fellow Seabeggars perform.

Sophomore Mark Hogan began the night with an original song entitled, “Song.” His mellow tenor voice set the bar high for the following acts, but they all lived up to–and exceeded–expectations. Sophomore Ellen Avants almost brought the crowd to tears with a beautiful and haunting ballad. Freshman Mayra Martinez made us think with her video, “What is Reality?”

But not all the acts were serious. Junior Josh Dykstra sang about toast while playing a toaster. Sophomores Henry Delaplane, Vaan Hunyh, and Shelli Cammenga portrayed the story of “Two Very Very Bad Robbers.” The Improv Group, comprised of several students, made the crowd laugh until they cried.

The talent expanded to the include the realm of video and several students including Senior Jamie Garcia, Sophomore Vaan Hunyh, Freshman Mayra Martinez, and Junior Marie Bosma, showcased short videos they had created. Even Resident Director Dave Ligtenberg joined in the fun with a video of his own.

It was an all around good time. The crowd enjoyed the acts and the witticism of hosts, Bryan Punter and Tim Vander Meulen. With plans for next years’ show already in the works, you won’t want to miss it.