Successful Prospective Student Visit Weekend

On March 18-19, twelve prospective students, along with parents and advisers, visited Providence Christian College. According to Larissa Kamps, Director of Enrollment Management, a visit weekend like this is designed in order to give students a chance “to get a personalized look at the college and see if it would be a good fit for them.”

For the prospective students, this weekend was a busy one. The schedule included a beach trip, campus tour, chapel, meetings with professors, presentations, and classes. But the experiences did not end there. Many students stayed overnight in the dorms with current students, ate in the cafeteria, participated in a student senate event, and simply got to familiarize themselves with the college lifestyle.

As Providence continues to take steps towards full accreditation, increasing student numbers is near the top of the agenda. The Admissions Office plays a huge role in accomplishing this goal. The mission of Admissions is “to grow the student body by finding students that are really committed to the type of education Providence provides.” Visit weekends are one aspect of this mission.

Kamps said that they encourage all prospective students to visit the campus because it increases the chance that they will eventually enroll. She said that visit weekends “change students’ perspective about the school in a positive way, especially in Providence’s case because they have such good interactions with students and professors.” Throughout the visit weekends of the past year, a good number of students have visited the campus, and the school hopes to see them return to campus next semester to stay.