Sea Beggar Basketball

On Wednesday, February 9, the Sea Beggar Basketball Team took on the Zombie Punchers at Victory Park for their second game of the season.  Although they lost, with a final score of 32-54, Coach Chelsea Pine says that the team played really well. The score showed a marked improvement over last week’s game against the Hackers, who have now been playing together for five years. That game ended with a score of 18-35 for the Sea Beggars.

Rebecca Konynenbelt, a team member, commented on the games, “I thought that our first game went okay considering our inexperience working together in a game situation. However, I thought that the second game already showed much improvement. We played an excellent first half.”

However, the results of the first two games have not been a discouragement to the team and Coach Pine has high hopes for the rest of the season. “I’m excited that the season is underway and we’re actually playing games. I love coaching and I really appreciate my team. They’re great. My prediction for the team? It’s only going to get better.”

Basketball is not an official Providence sport, but Pine got 10 students together to participate in a Pasadena City League. Pine said, “We’re one of the newest teams, if not the newest. It will definitely take a lot of hard work to beat the more experienced teams in the league. That’s just simple logic.”

The team has been practicing together since the middle of last semester in preparation for the season.  According to James Roosma, the team’s point guard, “Before the first game we were slowly progressing, but we really did not have an idea of what the competition was going to be like or how we would play in pressure situations. We have to work on ball movement and hitting outside shots to spread out the floor. Having said that, we are playing pretty good defense. It will be exciting to see the progress we make throughout the season. We just have to learn to get to know each other’s rhythm and style.”

Thus, the team continues to practice once a week for the games that will take place every Wednesday night at Victory Park. For the past two weeks, a large number of Providence students have turned out to cheer on the team. Everyone is encouraged to turn on their “ARGGG!,”  attend these games, and let their school spirit and support for the Sea Beggars show.