Revenge of the Nerds!

Revenge of the Nerds!

On the evening of Friday, January 28th, the Providence community came out to the roller skating rink to take part in the fun and nostalgic activity reminiscent of their high school days.

McIlhenny FamilyUpon arrival at the Moonlight Rollerway in Glendale everyone laced up their skates. Some began gliding gracefully around the rink while others struggled to stay on two feet. From little three year old Canon to Dr. McIlhenny, everyone slipped and fell together, laughing the whole way down. Despite the difficulty, everyone was soon grooving to the music with the better skaters twisting and turning among the slower ones.

The night was not just about reminiscing the past years, it also served to relive them. Everyone was invited to dress in their nerdiest outfit and show some nerd pride. There was a prize to be awarded for the best costume, though most would admit that dressing up as a nerd is a rewarding experience in and of itself.

The Winner!

Nerd TrioAs the evening wound down, everyone rubbed their sore spots as they made their way to the cars. Back at campus, the students shivered in the cold while waiting for the announcement of the winners of the contest. Second place was taken by senior Deb Gorter, who was dressed as a sufficiently nerdy math geek. First place was awarded to one of Providence’s newest students, freshman Kim Welfing. Her suspenders and shorts were both creative and believable.

All in all, it was an enjoyable time with limited injuries. For those of you who could not make it this time, be sure to mark your calendars the next time the nerds are given an opportunity to take their revenge.