Friending Speedily

On Saturday night, the Student Senate welcomed Providence students to Hesed Lounge to participate in the first Senate sponsored game night. Complete with snacks and games, the event offered students the opportunity to gather for a night of fellowship and fun.

To begin the evening, several Student Senate members led the students in a game called “Speed Friending.” Based on the dating activity known as “Speed Dating,” students participated in timed rounds where they were able to take turns asking and answering prewritten questions. These questions ranged from random inquiries such as “What is your favorite time of day” to thought provoking questions such as “If you only had 15 minutes before the end of the world, what would you do?” The goal of this game was to learn more about other Providence students in order to build community or, in other words, “speed friend” one another.

After the participants began asking each other the same questions, students broke into smaller groups to play board games. During one of the games, students rolled two pig shaped figures in order to receive points. Different point values were given according to how the pig landed (back/side/nose). Sophomore Shelli Cammenga said, “Seeing the guys dance around after rolling the pigs made me laugh. I enjoyed getting to hang out with friends and relax for a little while.”

Sophomore Libby Barnard reflected that the most enjoyable part of the evening was “being around people and talking to them throughout the game.” A night of board games and Q&A helped start the first of several Student Senate sponsored game nights planned for the spring semester at Providence.