Providence Students Enjoy A Much Needed Christmas Break

After a week of stressful finals, many Providence students were feeling like Whos from Dr. Suess singing “Welcome Christmas, come this way.” The last few days on campus were filled with packing for the break and students were excited about being reunited with their families.

Chelsea Pine, a freshman at Providence, went home to her family, but not to New York where she use to live. Her family followed her father’s lead and moved to Bonner’s Ferry, Idaho, to help start a Bible Presbyterian church. She said that the experience was different: going from an unfamiliar dorm room that she had made home to a completely new house. “It was like staying at someone else’s house, but my family helped to make it my home.”

Junior Josh Dykstra stayed in California for Christmas and was able to see more of the Golden State like Old Town San Diego. He said that the food, the hotel, and meeting new people were his favorite parts of exploring southern California. The Mexican food, he said, was very good because San Diego is so close to Mexico that it was more authentic. He also used the break to get ahead on formulating his capstone topic.

The stereotypical Christmas tends to include a snow flurry outside and curling up indoors while drinking eggnog or something hot, but junior Tim Vander Meulen went home to the beautiful island of Kauai, Hawaii where his parents and four younger brothers live. During his stay, he spent his time outside snorkeling, body surfing, and hiking in the mountains. “While everyone else was shoveling their driveways, I was working on my tan,” he said.

Whether it was in the snowy world of Michigan or sunny California, Christmas break served as a much needed rest for students and provided valuable time to spend with family and friends.