A Handmade Christmas

It is that time of year again when the Nativity scenes are put out on the lawn and people start preparing to eat terrible fruit cake. This is also the time when stores make most of their money and in these hard times, most of our pocketbooks are looking a little dry. Instead of whipping out the cash for presents for your loved one, why not go handmade for some, or all of your gifts and decorations to save money this holiday season.

Snow globes are beautiful and can be used as décor or a special gift for a loved one. Take one air-tight glass jar that is the size that you want your snow globe to be, and unscrew the lid. Sand the bottom of lid and hot glue small figurines to it. Next, add two tablespoons of glitter, 1-2 tablespoons of liquid glycerin (depending on the size of your jar), and fill with distilled water. Close the lid and Voila!

For the little tykes, you can a handmade growth chart to track their height. Another gift idea is to give the kids in your life favorite books from your childhood such as The Giving Tree, Where the Wild Things Are, and Madeline’s Christmas. If you are feeling creative, you could make your own book with colorful drawings and ribbon to bind it together.

For decorations, here are some design ideas to brighten up your home. Wreaths are a staple decoration for your door and you can make a simple one out of yarn pom-poms. Make your own pom-poms, and then hot glue the pom-poms to a cardboard ring that is the size that you want starting with the inside. The wreath would be even better if the yarn were in Christmas colors as opposed to the colors below.

Another décor tip is to take some candles, spray them with spray adhesive (which can be found at any local craft store), and roll it around in glitter. Then, place it in a candle holder or an old shot glass and it creates a beautiful decoration for your mantle.

A third simple decorative idea is a paper circle chain that you can hang on mantles or around the house for a festive effect. This project works with any kind of paper. Cut circles out of the paper in a varying degree of sizes and connect them with a loop of wire. Be sure to place all of the closures on one side and then hang them around your house or dorm room.

Another decoration that is common at this time of year is a homemade stocking, for which you can find instructions by clicking here. For some awesome stocking stuffers, candy and homemade cookies like gingerbread and ginger snaps are always a hit.

Last but not least, a simple ornament for your tree can be made with strips of paper, a needle and thread, and glue. Patricia Zapata featured an easy tutorial on her blog that I felt was incredibly easy but looks beautiful on her blog.