Music, Fun, and Fellowship

Music, Fun, and Fellowship

On Saturday November 13, the Providence Chorale headed toward Visalia, California for a two day choir tour to perform at a donor banquet and Trinity United Reformed Church.

Chorale Members Race Around the TrackWhen the Chorale arrived in Visalia, Luana De Groot Canty, Adjunct Instructor of Music and Chorale Director, surprised the students with a couple hours at a game center called “Adventure Park.” Some of the choir members had the opportunity to participate in friendly competition as they raced each other around the Go-cart speed zone.

After spending some time building community with a little fun, choir members prepared for their first performance at the Providence donor banquet. Jack Hoekstra, Director of Development, said that the purpose of the banquet “was to acquaint more people with the mission and purpose of Providence as well as ask for financial support from the community.”

The Chorale Spends Time At a Host's House for Lunch

The choir members were separated into groups of two and spent the night at the homes of different host families after performing. On Sunday morning, the choir members gather together to sing at Trinity United Reformed Church. Mrs. Canty reflected that “the Chorale participates in a Sunday worship service to bring a spiritual blessing to congregation members and to share the rich musical experience that students at Providence can bring.”

Students joined one of the host families for lunch after the church service and enjoyed a home-cooked meal along with a tour of the dairy farm. Freshman Marissa Branson who is an alto in the Chorale reflected that the most fun part of the trip was the drive. She loved how the choir members randomly broke out into song while listening to music.

Chorale members are currently preparing for the upcoming concert that will take place on December 11 starting at 7:30pm.