Midterm Week Brings Both Stress and Fun

The usual bustling atmosphere of Providence Christian College has become relatively quiet and stressed with the onslaught of midterm week, according to sophomore Bradley Bosch. Now seven weeks into the semester, students are faced with the daunting task of conquering midterms while continuing to keep up with readings and assignments in all of their classes. Students are feeling the pressure to do well because midterms carry a heavy weight in the final grading of courses.

For many, this experience is entirely new. Freshman Emily DeBoer says, “I really don’t know how to feel. I’ll know how to feel after they’re over.” Upperclassmen who have previously survived midterms are a little more familiar with the process. Feeling much more prepared for these midterms than those preceding, Bosch states, “I know what to expect, and I know what study habits are better than others.” Upperclassmen have a leg up on the freshmen because they know the ropes, especially when it comes to Dr. McIlhenny’s dreaded history midterm. But, according to Justin Kay, a senior, students should relax more because midterms are just another part of the semester and the course load.

Nonetheless, productivity around campus has obviously increased as students stay up later and climb out of bed earlier to fit extra hours of studying into the day. These early morning hours have caused students to bond as they get to know each other in unusual situations and outlandish hours of the night. In fact, DeBoer gives a rather unexpected view of the stressful week. She says, “Actually, I’ve really been enjoying midterm week. Funny things have been happening. You see a really different side of people at 3 a.m.” Although emotions have been running high and hours of sleep have been dwindling, the students hope that the end of this week will bring a return to the calmer regularity of normal days at Providence.