Some Students Find New Roomates: Ants!

Pulsing, energetic lines of ants recently emerged from holes in the walls of certain dorm rooms at Providence Christian College while students were reading and working on papers.  This is not the first reported invasion of ants, nor does it appear to be the last.

Since the college’s move from Ontario, California to Pasadena, students and faculty alike have learned a new expression that “Pasadena is built on an ant hill.” After the initial shock of finding ants covering walls, desks, and computer screens upon arrival, it appears that students have grown relatively comfortable with these constant, lively invaders.

Students have been told to report any cases of ant invasions to the William Carey International University staff, who arrange for rooms to be sprayed by an exterminator.

Cait Vandenberg, a Providence senior, reflected on a time earlier in the semester. She said, “When I first saw the ants in the bathroom, it was disgusting. They were everywhere. But since I think they’re the least creepy insect, I got over it.” Cait admitted gratefully that the ant population in her room has been relatively sparse.

For students who more frequently witness ants crawling in lines across walls and onto desks, into food, and even into beds, the problem might be a little more frustrating. Some students were even motivated to keep powerful versions of ant poison in their rooms.

Junior Sara Heitman, who has experienced visit after invasive visit of the ants, has not been too bothered by the impostors. Expressing her appreciation of them, she says, “When they’re walking on trails, they stop to greet each and every other ant they meet.” She went on to say, “Besides the three exceptions of getting into food, being in the shower, or biting, I like ants and I’m sad to see them squished.” In a similar attitude of optimism, Kassie Beard said, “Better to be infested with ants than cockroaches or potato bugs.”

Whether they like it or not, students have accepted the common occurrence of ant infestations as a part life here in Pasadena, California.