The Golden Frog: Stolen Again!

The golden frog was stolen last Wednesday from the dorm room of two Providence Christian College students by an unidentified individual.

Sources say a “smooth talking” student persuaded junior Emily Van Dyke to part with the beloved frog on Wednesday evening after learning of its location from Resident Assistant Marie Bosma. “The golden frog is awesome!” said Marie, a comment that proved to motivate the frog-captor to take immediate action.

The frog has been a member of the Providence community for three years now, often finding itself subject to the anxious eyes of students while it took up residency on top of Resident Director David Ligtenberg’s refrigerator.

This is not the first time the frog has changed owners. Only two weeks ago, it was reported missing by Ligtenberg. “It didn’t surprise me much. Everyone wants the frog,” he said. On October 3rd, it was mysteriously sighted in the possession of junior Kassie Beard in pictures posted to the social networking site Facebook. That same day, Kassie reportedly exclaimed, “I’ve been frog jacked!” A small search ensued until the frog was found in the middle of the floor of Jana and Emily’s room across the hall.

From the beginning of the frog’s residency in Jana and Emily’s room, uneasiness was in the air. “He just sat there with those red eyes all day long and stared at me!” Emily was heard saying. It only follows, then, that she was so easily persuaded to part with it.

The frog’s latest captor, who prefers to remain anonymous for “safety reasons” said, “It was so easy! I just walked in there and got it!” Within minutes of its capture the frog was already stowed somewhere secure and out of sight, its location only revealed to those trusted most.

Currently, the frog remains safely hidden under the watchful care of its new owner. If history repeats itself, however, it will not stay hidden for long. Even now, the envious whispers of would-be frog captors softly echo through the halls of Providence.