“The Colors of Autumn” Film Project

Freshman Mayra Martinez is currently filming a short movie called The Colors of Autumn, which features the acting skills of two Providence students and a professor.

Martinez sums up her movie in one sentence, “It’s about a girl changing a man’s life by being his friend.” Sean, played by sophomore Mark Hogan, is at a point in his life where he feels like he has no purpose or direction after finding out he was adopted.  Autumn, played by sophomore Christine Lehart, attends the same college as Sean does and is the only one who seeks to reach out and help him through his confusion.  Autumn’s father is played by Providence history professor, Dr. Ryan McIlhenny.

Martinez wrote the script and has been working on this project for about a year now. The movie was inspired by her former co-worker who she describes as a “very godly, very motivational, very supportive and very optimistic” woman.  A professional film crew, who Martinez met through various film projects she’s worked on in the past, is helping her shoot the movie. Martinez has always loved acting, but she decided to make a movie to experience the other side of the process. This is her first time directing a film and she enjoys it as a form of personal expression.

She expects the film to be completed by early January. When asked if she would like to show it at a Providence movie night she said, “Absolutely! I’d love to!”

Providence eagerly awaits the completion of her film.