Resurrecting the Voice of the Community

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by Angela Groom

As you’ve been made aware, Providence students have decided to bring the student paper back from the dead.

Why dare revive a paper that has not seen the light of day for three years? In the first place, because we can, and second, because we want to. These seem to be very common-sense statements, however, those two facts should convey that the subjects we intend to cover are for the benefit of the student body.

You may whisper or shout to an innocent bystander, how could a student paper be beneficial for the student body?  

A college newspaper’s purpose, generally, is to inform the student body of things they may not know about and to interpret campus-related events and the implications of those events. Of course it is our goal to serve the student body in such a way that allows any student to have a voice and finally to entertain the readers of the student paper.

Regardless of your background, we welcome any story idea, question, or comment. Let us know by sending an email to

Amy MacArthur, Nicole Veldink, Kavin Carter, and I (Angie) make up the current staff of writers with Max Belz as our faculty support division.

We are beyond excited to share our stories with you, to give you the facts, and re-open an old space for conversation regarding what occurs: on campus, with students, with faculty, and with the entire Providence community.