The Satellite: Free Shows in LA

Written by: Edwin Cordova

The Satellite is an intimate 21+ venue about 20 minutes from campus on Silver Lake Blvd that often offers free shows. I went on their website an hour before the show started, just to see if anything was happening, and then I just showed up.

When I walked into the venue, the bouncers asked me if I had RSVP-ed. I had not, but they still let me in and asked me if I would put my email down to get future announcements for shows. When you RSVP, they will give you a complementary drink. A free drink and a free show? Nothing can beat that. On top of that, they gave me a free tote bag.

The title of the night was called “Indie is Pop” so naturally the three bands that played that night had an indie pop sound to them.

The opening band was called Hot Mango. On a scale of 1-10, the band was a 6. The problem I had with this band is that they sounded very repetitive in a lot of their songs. I didn’t find them online anywhere, so they are probably a start-up band and unfortunately I can’t offer any examples for you to judge their sound for yourself.

The second band, called Incan Abraham, was actually pretty great which was a relief from the other band. The lead singer’s voice is similar to Thom Yorke (the front man of Radiohead). Combine that voice with MGMT’s sound and you’ll have a good idea what Incan Abraham sounds like.

They had a presence on stage that spread across the whole room, even the headline band was up and enjoying the sound of these fine gents. My favorite song of theirs is “Whidbey.” Fortunately they are available on Spotify so you can definitely take a gander at them.

The last band is called HOTT MT who also can be found on Spotify with an album they released this year. They mix in a lot of electronic music, creating a psychedelic sound. They may not be as upbeat as Incan Abraham but that doesn’t mean that they were a slouch. Their sound was quaint but enjoyable.

Listen to them Incan Abraham and HOTT MT on Spotify and see if you like them. Considering that I enjoyed two out of the three bands that played at a FREE show, I’d say the night was a success. If you’re looking for some inexpensive fun, check out the Satellite’s website. You might find some gems!